Bona Traffic versus    Bona Traffic HD   

Bona Traffic HD is a new hardwood floor finish by Bona (Bona's original company name was Bona Kemi sometimes mis-spelled as Bona Chemi).  Bona Traffic HD is an upgraded version of the original formula with the following enhancements: (1)  40% lower VOC (2) 24 hours after application Bona Traffic HD shows significantly greater scratch and scuff resistance than all other finishes on the market. (3) Bona Traffic HD adds a new sheen "extra matte" which the original formula Bona Traffic did not offer.  Bona Traffic HD Extra Matte is a very low sheen which resembles hand rubbed oil finishes.

Bona Traffic versus Bona Mega

Bona Traffic ( Bona Kemi Traffic; Bona Chemi Traffic) is a 2-component waterbased hardwood floor finish meaning there is  Bona Traffic  "Part A" in a 1-gallon container and Bona Traffic "Part B" in a small bottle.  Mixing Traffic part A with part B  begins the hardening process of the finish.   Once Bona Traffic Part A is mixed with Traffic Part B there is a pot life (working time) in the container of about 4 hours.  Bona Traffic remains clear for the life of the floor meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time. Bona Traffic comes in three sheens: Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin. There is also Bona Traffic Anti Slip which only comes in satin sheen.  Bona Anti-Slip is an excellent waterbased floor finish with superior durability for use on stairs, or special flooring applications where extra surface traction is desired.

Bona Traffic is a "topcoat" finish.  A sealer must be applied to the wood floor before applying Traffic.  Bona offers three choices of water-based sealers as follows: (1) Bonaseal (this product stays clear with no ambering tones),  (2) Bona DTS (this sealer adds a moderate amount of ambering tones to the wood, similar to oil based polyurethanes), (3) Bona Amberseal (this sealer adds the most amber tones of all Bona sealers and looks very much like oil based polyurethane in color).  For Stained Floors: When applying Bona stain to the hardwood floor there is generally no need to apply a sealer.  Bona Traffic waterbased finish can be applied directly over Bona oil-based stains once the stain has completely dried.

Bona Mega is a single component waterbased floor finish meaning that unlike Bona Traffic, there is no Part B hardener or catalyst required.  Bona Mega is a very durable residential or commercial use finish which comes in Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin.  Like Bona Traffic, Bona Mega can be applied with a waterbased sealer or directly over Bona floor stain.  Mega may add a slight amount of richer amber tones to the floor like an oil based floor finish.  

Do you want even more durability from Bona Mega?  Bona Mega Booster  creates another level of toughness to an already great Mega waterbased floor finish.  Add one bottle of Mega Booster per gallon of Bona Mega and you get added long-term durability.  This is a great solution for busy living areas which receive extra foot traffic and daily wear.  Mega Booster does not change the color or sheen of the Bona Mega finish.