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Pad and Handle Kits

  • Duratool Floor & Trim Pad and Handle

    Duratool Floor Trim Pads work great with most Water-Based and Oil-Based Finishes, Stains, Sealers and Waxes.  Easy clean up, and no rust concerns!  They work great with most finishes and sealers sold at Floor Mechanics!   Made in the USA.

    $8.06 - $9.13
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  • Padco Floor Trim Pad - Complete

    Padco Cut In Pad Complete Includes: - One Handle - One Trim Pad Excellent for edging and cutting in floors. Thousands of fibers hold more finish and spread it faster. For waterborne and mild solvent finishes. Handle accepts threaded extension poles...

    $9.54 - $10.08
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