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- 20"

  • Norton Red Heat Sanding Screens 20"

    Use this Red Heat Q955 CA fine grit screen flooring sanding disc for fine grit sanding jobs on concrete or hard woods. A tough F-weight screen backing gives the disc flexibility and shock absorption ideal for tough surfaces. This screen pairs with the...

    $91.80 - $133.90
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  • 3M Sanding Screens 20"

    Mesh screen disc with strong fiber, uniform open construction and consistent cut from start to finish.  Stronger screen backing and vibrationOpen-mesh construction minimizes loadingLarger openingsMore consistent weaveOne product meets a wide...

    $81.57 - $82.47
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  • Mercer Sanding Screens 20"

    Mercer's Sandscreen discs are made with sharp cutting silicon carbide grain resin on resin bonded to a mesh cloth backing. Open screen mesh provides fast cutting and helps prevent clogging on hardwood floors, ceramic tile and cement...

    $45.85 - $48.79
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  • Norton Durite Sanding Screens 20"

    P-graded sharp silicon carbide has excellent cutting and non-loading propertiesOpen weave screen has extreme resistance to loading when removing scale, rust and corrosionWaterproof; rinse and reuse for longer sanding lifeGood fine grit choice for floor...

    $68.90 - $130.40
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