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Edge Sanding Arm STD.

Screw MF6S M10X45 threaded Cogged belt Viking V-belt pulley big Sanding arm Bona Edge grey Cover plate silenced grey Screw MF6S M5x12H Torx Screw MELRT M5X8 fzb Velcro disc dia. 178 mm. Conical washer Nut brass M6M M10 Screw MCS M5x8 fzb Skirting board protection Steel disc Viking Sanding centre Wall protection Bona Edge Screw MFT GF M3x8 Bearing housing with bearings Screw MF6S M6X14H Belt cover Screw MCS M5x14 fzb
Model Product Image Item Name Price Quantity
ASO232048 Belt cover
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ASO232102 Bearing housing with bearings
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ASO958120 Screw MFT GF M3x8
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ASO232006 3 Wall protection Bona Edge
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ASO232207 Sanding centre
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ASO232008 Steel disc Viking
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ASO222061 Skirting board protection
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ASO950312 Screw MCS M5x8 fzb
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ASO963600 Nut brass M6M M10
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ASO222053 Conical washer
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ASO222059 Velcro disc dia 178 mm
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ASO958012 Torx Screw MELRT M5X8 fzb
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