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  • Woodwise Wood Patch Wood Filler Quart

       The higher solid content of Wood Patch makes it ideal for large fill areas or for spot filling during sanding. It can also be thinned and used as a Full-Trowel Filler; simply mix 1-2 cups of water per one gallon of Wood Patch, and...

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  • DuraSeal Wood Patch Wood Filler Quart

    DuraSeal Wood Patch Quart DuraSeal Wood Patch is a safe, non-flammable, water based product for use across an entire wood floor. This product can be used to fill in nail holes and to cover other minor imperfections in bare and unfinished wood. DuraSeal...

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  • Timbermate Wood Patch Wood Filler Quart

    Fast Delivery!!! All Sizes and Colors in Stock!Timbermate Wood Filler is a unique, quick drying, water based grain filler and wood putty.  This product accepts stain beautifully or can be tinted. Timbermate never goes bad and is easy to apply and...

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