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- 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

  • Bona Blue Belts 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    11 7/8" x 29 1/2"The Bona BLUE Anti-Static abrasives consist of an innovative combination of grit materials and anti-static properties, designed to give you aggressive performance without sacrificing smoothness, at a tremendous value...

    $113.08 - $163.78
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  • Bona Green Ceramic Belts 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    11 7/8" x 29 1/2"Bona GREEN Ceramic Abrasives are part of Bona’s BETTER sanding system. The combination of ceramic and aluminum oxide grit materials make this abrasive extremely aggressive and offers outstanding productivity. Compared to...

    $102.56 - $109.90
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  • Norton Blaze Belts 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    Super-sharp premium ceramic grain cuts fast and delivers unparalleled longevityTough, anti-static poly-cotton backing is extremely strong and flexible; improves tracking, application, and dust collection, and keeps machine cleanerOpen coat grain design...

    $80.74 - $104.91
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  • Norton Bluefire Belts 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    Next generation patented, premium, self-sharpening, 100% zirconia abrasive delivers longer life, faster cut, and outstanding durability; the consistent scratch pattern means the finest finish for the floorY-weight heavy cotton backing extends grain...

    $133.44 - $160.80
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  • Norton Neon Belts Cloth 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    California Proposition 65 - WARNING: Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other construction activities contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other...

    $106.21 - $134.22
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  • Norton Red Heat Belts Cloth 11-7/8" x 29-1/2"

    100% patented SG (Seeded Gel) ceramic alumina abrasive for longest life, more consistent finish and a cut so aggressive you can flatten the floor using one or two grits finer than any other beltTough X-weight cotton cloth backing is extremely flexible...

    $84.24 - $100.61
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