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  • Norton 16" MeshPower Screens

    The new Norton MeshPower discs are fully ceramic products designed for both raw wood sanding as well as between coat abrasion. The robust product design allows the MeshPower disc to sand for extended periods of time while delivering super-fast cut and an...

    $58.70 - $64.40
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  • Norton Durite Sanding Screens 16"

    P-graded sharp silicon carbide has excellent cutting and non-loading properties Open weave screen has extreme resistance to loading when removing scale, rust and corrosion Waterproof; rinse and reuse for longer sanding life Good fine grit choice for...

    $44.30 - $84.60
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  • 3M Sanding Screens 16"

    Mesh screen disc with strong fiber, uniform open construction and consistent cut from start to finish.  Stronger screen backing and vibrationOpen-mesh construction minimizes loadingLarger openingsMore consistent weaveOne product meets a wide...

    $48.84 - $79.74
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