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Intermediate plate Front motor bracket Nut M6M M16 fzb Motor Pulley Poly-V USA Tensioner screw Locking knob WN730 T40-M8x20 Key 8x7x20 Screw MC6S M6x30 fzb Screw MC6S M6x16 fzb Screw MC6S M6x16 fzb Screw M6S M8x20 fzb Screw M6S M8x20 fzb Cap Box Cover grey USA 3KW Rubber sealing Rubber sealing motor base plat Voltmeter DMS 20 PC 1LM USA Lifting handle motor Screw MRX M5x35 fzb Philips Screw MRX M5X16 FZB PHILLIPS Soft start SINPAC 230V 5HP Condensator cont 80 uF 3kW USA Condensator 50uF Eazy/USA Switch 800 E Heavy duty Contactor 100-C16,16A 230V USA Poly-V-belt 260 J5, ventilator Poly-V-belt 328 drum Collar nut socket head M8 Screw MC6S M8x14 fzb Mounting plate for 3 kW motor Screw MRX M4x6 fzb Philips Assembling plate motor inlet Motor bracket rear Washer 8,5X30X3 fzb Washer 8,5 X 30 X 4 fzb Washer 8,5 X 30 X 4 fzb Motor inlet 230V 3-poles USA Spacer DB 6x12,5x0,2 Motor, 1-ph 3 kW 60 Hz Base plate grey