"All the guys who work for Pallmann are guys who've used it in the past and loved it. 
We want to get this in the hands of other contractors because we know it will change their lives."

- Zeb Blau, Pallmann

Introducing: Pall-X 2-Kolorit!
This 2 component, low VOC stain and sealer has virtually no odor and is extremely safe to use.

Why Choose Pallmann?

Since 1900, PALLMANN has been providing innovative product systems to aid in the installation and care of wood floors worldwide. They offer a Hardwood Complete™ system including subfloor preparation products, adhesives, sanding equipment, surface treatment, and long-term care for wood floors.


They are constantly working on low-emission products, ergonomic tools, and elimination of solvents to provide the very best in both performance and working conditions for the hardwood flooring contractor.


As part of the Uzin Utz Group, which includes products from UZIN and Wolff Tools, they are able to offer system based approaches for the installation of any wood flooring project.




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