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Mask Donations

Mask Donations

Posted by Rob Burroughs on Apr 7th 2020

It's Tuesday April 7th, 2020 and the Covid 19 virus is still hitting our country hard.  Floor Mechanics has been donating all of the 3M N95 facemasks from all warehouses across the country to Doctors and Nurses in various states who have none.  So far we have express shipped masks to Doctors and Nurses in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Detroit and New Orleans who were managing totally without masks or severely short. There are reports emerging that supplies will become more available in the future which is really great news.

We know our Floor Mechanics customers also depend on face masks to do their work so it will be one of our highest priorities to get a solid supply back in stock once the medical needs have been met.  By working together and keeping everyone safe we will help those who are on the front lines and collectively we will overcome this historic challenge.