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- Rotary Sanders

  • American Sanders ( Clarke ) 1600 DC Rotary Sander

    Description:The Sander 1600 Rotary Sander was designed and innovated specifically for the demands of wood floor sanding and finishing. The added weight and balanced design deliver the most aggressive sanding, highest productivity and smoothest...

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  • Bona FlexiSand Power Drive

     The Bona FlexiSand Power Drive is a powerful and flexible machine that can be equipped with many different drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation. With its powerful 1.9 kW, 2.6 HP motor and sturdy construction, it runs smooth and...

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  • Clarke Micromatic 14E

    The Micromatic 14E automatic floor scrubber offers flooring contractors the ability to quickly and easily clean pre-finished floors or clean any floor. This reliable but affordable scrubber applies cleaning solution, scrubs the floor, and then picks up...

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  • Pallmann Spider

    The PALLMANN® SPIDER is a planetary gearing, powerful  drive sanding machine that ensures a perfectly sanded  surface.  The multi-purpose PALLMANN® SPIDER is  extremely easy to use and quiet in operation. California...

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    TRIO THREE DISC FINISH SANDER   The TRIO is the versatile and powerful floor sanding machine in floor finishing.From thorough sub-floor treatment via renovation work on pre-finished parquet floors to perfect fine and intermediate sanding, the three...

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