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Sealer - Water Based

  • Bona BonaSeal/ClassicSeal Gallon

     Bona Bonaseal water based hardwood floor sealer should be used as the base coat for Bona Kemi Naturale, Bona Traffic, and Bona Mega finishes (unless you are staining the floor - see instructions).Bonaseal is a CLEAR wood floor sealer for...

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  • Bona DTS/IntenseSeal Gallon

    MSDS Sheet Bona Kemi's DTS Sealer is a specially formulated waterborne sanding sealer for use with all Bona waterborne finishes. Bona DTS seals the wood; develops a deep natural tone, vibrant look; abrades easily; and prevents the finish from...

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  • Bona AmberSeal Gallon

    Bona AmberSeal water based hardwood floor sealer replicates the "honey tone" look of traditional oil based finishes to hardwood flooring. When you are beginning the finish process on a newly sanded wood floor,...

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  • Pall-X Color Gallon

    Pallman Pall-X Color is a waterborne,1-component sealer that is ideal for use where color enhancement of wood floor is desired and on stained floors.

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  • Bona NordicSeal Gallon

    Bona NordicSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer that was formulated to provide a green alternative to a whitewashed floor without the use of caustic materials such as bleach.  A unique way of customizing your floor from a light whitewash to...

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  • Bona NaturalSeal Gallon

    Bona NaturalSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer designed to retain the appearance of unfinished wood on your floor.  Combining Bona NaturalSeal with a matte-sheen finish such as Bona Traffic Naturale preserves that look and gives your floor the...

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  • Pall-X Clear Gallon

    100% sharp silicon carbide grain bonded to a durable polyester screen backing provides increased durability and life Tough screen backing cuts more aggressively than paper and cloth with extremely fast cut rate Can use both sides of disc � rinse and...

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  • Basic Coatings Lock 'N Seal Gallon

    Lock N' Seal is Basic Coatings' NEW pre-catalyzed waterbased sealer with unique tannin blocking characteristics that aid in preventing darkening from heavy spots as well as applicator marks. This sealer has a milky color for application so you...

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  • Basic Coatings Commercial Catalyzed Sealer Gallon

    Basic Coatings Commercial Catalyzed Sealer Gallon

    Basic Coatings' Commercial Catalyzed Sealer is a water based sealer for use in high-wear and commercial locations. Recommended Systems 2 Coats Commercial Catalyzed Sealer and 2 coats Streetshoe or other Basic water based finishes.Coverage : 600 - 800...

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  • Basic Coatings Hydroline Sealer

    Technical Data SheetMSDS Sheet Waterbased Wood Floor Sealer Hydroline Sealer is a VOC compliant, waterbased penetrating sealer formulated for use for sports floors, maple residential and commercial wood floors. Coverage - 600 sq. ft. /...

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  • DuraSeal Waterbased Fast Dry Sanding Sealer

    DuraSeal Waterbased sanding sealer seals the wood to prevent the finish from penetrating. It is compatible with all DuraSeal waterbased finishes and is also available in 5 gallon pails.Coverage: 500-600 sq. ft/GallonDry time: 2-3 hoursApplication...

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