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Finish - Water Based

  • Pall-X 96 NEXGEN 1.1 Gallon

    The NEXT GENERATION of Exceptional Flow and Leveling!  INCLUDES 10% EXTRA PRODUCT AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! PALL-X 96 NEXGEN is the next chapter in the PALL-X 96 story. PALL-X 96 NEXGEN features the latest in waterborne technology while giving...

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  • Pall-X Pure Gallon

    PALL-X PURE is a 2-component clear waterborne hardwood floor finish for commercial or residential use. Small amounts of white pigment in this finish produce a ultra matte or untreated surface look to a wood floor.  Roller Applied Only! High wear...

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  • Bona Traffic Commercial Gallon

    Free Shipping Same Business Day on Bona TrafficLowest Delivered Price on the WebWe Stock Bona Traffic Every Day Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish is a 2-component (part A is mixed with part B prior to application) waterborne hardwood hardwood floor...

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  • Bona Traffic HD Commercial Gallon

    Includes Hardener Significantly outperforms all urethane finishes, including Bona Traffic®, in durability at 24 hours Unsurpassed scuff, scratch and chemical resistance at full cure Very low VOCs - less than 125 Very low odor Clear and colorlesss,...

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  • Bona Traffic Naturale Gallon

    Includes Hardener The next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors while still maintaining it's superb, Traffic-like durability. This waterborne commercial and residential hardwood floor finish will...

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  • Bona Mega Gallon

    Bona Mega Waterbased Hardwood Floor Finish. Bona Mega is Bona's premier "single component", oxygen-crosslinking waterborne wood floor finish. Single component means there is no mixing of a catalyst or hardener required. Purchase Bona Mega for use on...

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  • Basic Coatings Emulsion Pro Gallon

    Emulsion PRO is designed for the wood coating professional and provides excellent defoaming coupled with maximum leveling that makes the toughest jobs easy.  Emulsion PRO is a versatile, self healing, dual cure polyurethane offering fast dry times,...

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  • Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Satin Gallon

    Includes Hardener Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Satin combines the legendary durability of Bona Traffic with slip resistant properties.. With its higher friction, Bona Traffic Anti-Slip is an ideal choice for stairs, nurseries, kitchens and similar locations. ...

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  • Bona Mega One Gallon

    Introducing our newest addition to the Bona family! Bona Mega ONE simplifies the craftsman’s everyday life, making the job faster and easier with the quality you depend on. Bona Mega ONE is a clear and colorless, waterborne one component finish...

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  • DuraSeal DuraClear Max Gallon

    DuraSeal DuraClear Max Finish 1 Gallon DuraSeal DuraClear Max Finish is a non-ambering commercial water based finish. DuraSeal DuraClear Max Finish is specially formulated for commercial and high traffic areas. This product is clear in color. ...

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  • Pall-X Gold Commercial Gallon

    Fully Cured In 3 Days PALLMANN® Pall-X GOLD is a 2-component waterborne hardwood floor finish with unmatched durability and chemical resistance. It is ideal for high-wear commercial and residential applications. Features and Benefits Unmatched...

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  • Basic Coatings PureMatte Gallon

    PureMatte™ is a two component matte waterbased wood floor finish specifically formulated to preserve the natural matte look of wood. PureMatte provides commercial durability, excellent wear resistance and cleanability with a classic matte look

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