Powernail 50P FLEX 18 Gage Pneumatic

Powernail | Product ID: 02-50PFLEXW

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Gauge: 18
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The pneumatic Powernail 50P FLEX Flooring nailer is a must  for the contractor who wants one flooring nailer which can do it all. Using 18 gage cleats, the Powernail 50P Flex is recommended for use on 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" Tongue and Groove flooring as well as 3/4" exotics, bamboo, and other solid wood flooring.

Using the adjustable foot, you can fine-tune the nailer height according to different wood profiles. No need for extra shims and pads! The Powernail Flex uses an 18 gage cleat that is less likely to split the tongue on denser, more brittle woods. It is also recommended for flooring that is a very hard species like hickory. Many of the hard exotics available today require a thinner cleat to penetrate without splitting the tongue. The standard configuration is (L/S), Long Handle with Short Channel, which holds 100 Powercleats®. Long handle configuration provides 18" height from floor to handle grip. Nailer package includes a White 3mi Mallet, 2 Allen wrenches, user manual, lube oil, extra driving blade and 2 box wrenches. Requires a 70 to 110 psi air compressor. Also available, the new Powernail 50P FLEX conversion kit will modify any Model 50P to the new Powernail FLEX adjustable foot. See Conversion Kits.