Powernail Powerjack 500

Powernail | Product ID: 06-PJ500

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 The POWERJACK Model 500 is designed to push or pull flooring strips into place and hold them tightly for hands-free nailing. The PowerJack Model 500 self adjusts from 5/16” to 3/4" thickness flooring. It can be used to either push or pull wood flooring strips into place and ratchets tightly for hands free operation. The base of the PowerJack 500 has mounting holes for mid-floor use. Simply screw nail the PowerJack 500 to your sub floor -in front of your flooring strips -and ratchet the flooring strips tight. Also great for under cabinet and kick plate installation.


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The POWERJACK® Model 500 combines the best features of the Model 100 and 200 into one versatile tool.

  • Snugging up end strips near a wall is easy. The front swivel toe-hook will adjust to most any thickness of flooring.
  • When not near a wall, the Model 500 can be used mid-floor by screwing the base directly to the sub floor and pushing the flooring strips into place.
  • When under the toe kick of a cabinet, the Powerjack Model 500 tightens up boards and holds them in place for hands-free nailing.