Magic Oil 2K / Neutral Liter

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Size: Liter
Color: Neutral


Magic Oil 2K

Magic Oil 2K is a perfect hybrid of natural oils and waxes. This unique two component finish produces a uniform matte, velvety surface that repels dirt and water. It is suitable for all raw wood floors, solid or engineered, solid cork flooring and is rated for use on radiant heat floor systems. Magic Oils rapid drying properties allow for refinishing to be completed quickly, making it a perfect product to use for commercial applications.

  • Includes Part A & B


  • Quick drying, easy to apply with trowel or buffer
  • Comes in Neutral, Red-brown, Dark-brown, Black, White, Grey
  • Neutral enhances the color and grain pattern of the wood
  • Special penetrating oil/wax blend - produces a matte finish
  • Chemical resistant, non-flammable
  • VOC compliant, does not exceed 5 g/L (neutral), 9 g/L (colors)
  • Solvent-free
  • Easy to clean, use Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner as daily cleaner, Magic Oil Care for longer term maintenance
  • Easily spot-repaired
  • Very low, non-offending odor
  • Magic Oil is a LEED contributing product (IEQ credit 4.2)