Fortelock Light Coin - Graphite

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Cheapest Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

The easiest and quickest adhesiveless vinyl floor – Fortelock tiles with interlocking system. It will safe Your time, money and troubles. You will get very durable vinyl interlocking floor thanks to great material and unique contruction which can be installed very easily. It looks great and it is almost maintenence-free. Vinyl interlocking floor tiles Fortelock Light are waterresistant, antislippery, it damps sounds and it is resistant to sratches and chemicals (e.g. oil, gas).

The tiles are manufactured in the Czech Republic using modern energy-saving injection molding machines from materials that ensure the tiles are resistant to wear and chemicals and have long-term durability.

This type of tile is recommended for areas characterized by the need for durability, and for a high-quality and quick installation and renovation. Typical areas where tiles Fortelock Light are used – garages, basements, fitness, gyms, schools, kindergardens, car services, fairs, showrooms, stores, offices, halls ets.

The Fortelock Light tile is a product for areas with semi-heavy load. It is made of a highly resistant 100% PVC homogenous material. It has been designed with a small squares spaces on the bottom side, making it breathable. It is called Air Flow system and it keeps the tiles dry from the bottom.

If you need quick, good and long lasting repair of floor for example in your garage or basement tiles Fortelock Light are the right solution for You.

There are ramps available to each color and pattern to fullfill your needs.

Tiles and ramps can be cut with utility knife to fit in your desired place.

Tech Specs

  • Pattern: 2080 Coins
  • Colors: Graphite
  • Material: 100% vinyl
  • Tile size: 20in X 20in
  • Thickness 0,28in (7mm)
  • Weight: 3,1 lbs
  • Amount of tiles in one box: 10pcs
  • Area in one box: 26.9 sq ft
  • Weight of one box: 31 lbs
  • Hardness: 92 Shore A
  • Chemical resistance: good
  • Abrasion resistance: T (<Deformation after static load, <0.1mm
  • Dimensional stability: <= 0.20%
  • Color fastness to artificial light:> 5 (no damage)
  • Reaction to fire: difficult to ignite
  • Anti-slip: up to 0.75 dynamic coefficient of friction




Vinyl interlocking floor tiles Fortelock Light is ideal for places with medium traffic and semi-heavy loads such as:

  • Garages, basements
  • Fitness and gyms
  • Workshops and technical room
  • Schools and Kindergardens
  • Offices
  • Car and Pneu services
  • Stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Fairs
  • Terminals for passengers

Easy installation

  • 1 person is able to install 320 sq ft per hour
  • As long as the base layer is even and clear it can be installed
  • It can be installed on old vinyl floor, carpets, rubber floors – basicly any surface

Quality and durable materiál

  • Very durable dove tail interlocking system
  • Thermal, vibrant and sound insulator
  • AirFlow systém – anti moisture system – no rot on a base layer
  • Chemical resistence
  • Scratch resistence
  • Dimension stability

Define your own space

  • Good range of colors and patterns
  • You can combine colors and patterns as you wish
  • Use colors to make paths, borders and unique design

When to use adhesive?

Fortelock tiles are made to be installed without adhesive and can be put on any base layer. But there are some situations when we recommend to use glue:

  • Direct sun light
  • Area where very heavy machinery operates (e.g. forklifts) or just areas with higher traffic than other areas
  • Heat sources - catalytic converter, heaters, engines

Please read carefully the provided DataSheet and Maintanence sheet.

Save costs

  • No glue needed – time and financial savings
  • Tiles can be installed on relatively poor and uneven floors without floor preparation
  • If preparation needed then just localy; not the whole area
  • You can walk on tiles as soon as it is installed

Enviromental friendly

  • No heavy metals in material
  • Ecologicly friendly product
  • 100 % recyclable
  • No wax or polishes