Bona R880 Construction Adhesive

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Size: 10.4 oz.
Material: Silane-modified pre-polymer
Color: Cream


Bona R880 is an elastic silane based construction adhesive. With it extreme high “green” strength and extreme rapid bonding it is special designed for repair work at silane bonded wooden floors or the installation of skirting boards. The bonding process can be accelerated, by spraying little amounts of water on the substrate or spread adhesive. The use of a primer is in general not necessary.

Key Features

• Extremely high bond strength
• Fast setting initial grab
• Accelerate adhesion by misting with water
• Water and solvent free
• Also great for trim, starter/closeout rows, treads, risers and more!
• For use in a standard 10.1 oz. caulking gun


Take your hardwood to the next level with Bona R880!

Tech Specs

Ingredients – Silane-modified pre-polymer
Color – Cream
Viscosity – firm texture
Density – 11.7 lbs / gallon
VOC Content – 0 g/L in tube
Odor – Negligible
Stability – 1-year from date of manufacture in unopened, original packaging
Packaging – 10.4 fl. oz. (310 mL) in plastic caulk-style tubes
Application Characteristics:
Initial Set up – Open time of 10 minutes (5 minutes when misted with water)
Final Strength – 12 hours
Coverage – 30 lineal feet per tube with a ¼” bead

How To

APPLICATION: Bona R880 needs to be applied using a standard 10 oz. caulking applicator. 1. Cut
end of tube above threads to expose adhesive. 2. Attached supplied applicator tip to threaded end of
R880 tube. 3. Remove threaded cap and cut applicator tip to desired bead size. 4. Apply sufficient
material to the surface or surfaces being bonded. Open time for R880 is 10 minutes. NOTE: For heavier
applications, especially on vertical surfaces, the use of mechanical fasteners or temporary support may
be necessary until bonding strength is achieved. If additional bond strength is needed, lightly misting
the substrate surface or the applied adhesive with water will accelerate the initial bonding strength. The
addition of water will decrease the open time to 5 minutes. 5. Position material to substrate as desired.
6. Save any remaining materials by attaching provided cap.

CLEAN-UP: Wet R880 can be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Once dried, mechanical cleaning may
be necessary.

STORAGE: Store in a climate-controlled environment. Keep from freezing. Do not store for extended
periods above 90°F (32°C).