Bona R850T Adhesive Tube - 20 oz

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Size: 20 oz



Bona R850T is a one-component, moisture curing, water and solvent free, silane-based adhesive
for wood floors. Bona R850T provides outstanding adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and allows for
the natural movement of wood flooring.
20 oz sausage tube

Tech Specs

Physical Characteristics:

Ingredients – Calcium carbonate, silane modified prepolymer, plasticizers, amorphous silica
Base – Silane Modified-Prepolymer
Color – Cream
Density – 12.5 lbs./gallon
VOC Content – Negligible
Sheer Strength – 335 psi (at final cure; lap sheer test, 1 mm gap)
Elongation – 250%
Odor – Non-offending
Flash Point – >100º C (212ºF) (Pensky-Martens)
Stability – 12 months from date of manufacture in unopened, original packaging
Application Characteristics:
Open Time- 40 minutes
Coverage – 60 L’ per tube with ¼” bead
Curing – Light foot traffic - 8-10 hours
Furniture, fixtures - 12-24 hours
Unfinished floor sanding - after 24 hours

How To

Replaces top nailing on close-out rows and board replacements.

Supplemental fastening for wide plank boards when nailing and gluing are needed. 
Ideal for projects where traditional fastening isn’t practical – hard to reach areas, radiant heat floors…
Commercial and residential. Use with solid or engineered prefinished and unfinished flooring; on, above or below grade* . May be used on both wood and concrete substrates** .
*Read and follow flooring manufacturer instructions, recommendations and limitations as to the
suitability of a particular flooring product to certain jobsite conditions and installation methods.
**After proper site conditions, moisture testing results and substrate preparation have been met.
See “Directions for Use” for acceptable jobsite conditions.


  • Perfect alternative to face nailing close-out rows, board replacements and trim applications
  • Excellent initial “green grab” means the flooring stays in place
  • Rapid shear strength development – flooring is ready for furniture and foot traffic in one day
  • Easy to clean – will not harm the finish on pre-finished floors; will not stain hands
  • Easy to apply – no memory means no need to tape or roll
  • Exceptional ridge stability provides maximum adhesive transfer



  • CLEAN-UP: Clean adhesive from the surface of the floor immediately, while wet. Use denatured alcohol on a clean white cloth.
  • STORAGE :Store in a climate controlled environment. Keep from freezing. Do not store for extended periods in excess of 90º.