Bona Power Drive Weight Kit (Retrofit)

Bona | Product ID: AS0003201


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The Bona Power Drive, launched in 2015, is a revolutionary sanding machine, delivering more power, efficiency, and ease-of-use that changed the way floors were sanded. Now Bona is taking the next step in hardwood floor sanding and introducing the Bona Power Drive Weight Kit, allowing you to customize the cutting power and aggressiveness of the machine. Everything you need to retrofit your existing machine is included in the kit. This kit is made for Bona Power Drives that do NOT have a predrilled chassis.


  • Improves sanding and wire-brushing 
  • Increased finish and wood removal 
  • Reduces sanding and edging time


  • 2 weights (15.43 lbs. each) 
  • 2 standoffs 
  • 4 posts 
  • 2 wing nut screws 
  • 2 (6 mm socket cap screw 1.0 x 30 mm) 
  • Counter weight mounting jig 
  • Chamfer 
  • Steel tap wrench 
  • Tap and drill set 
  • Detailed installation directions