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Diamabrush Hardwood Prep Tool

Product ID: 931501212
SKU: 931501212

Web Price: $327.10

Malish's  Diamabrush Hardwood Prep Tool is the first step to rejuvinated hardwood floors! Mailsh's Diamabrush Hardwood Prep Tool is designed to remove polyurethane and carpet adhesives from hardwood floors, effectively preparing the floor for re-finishing.

The diamond cutting surface remains free of melted or gummed up coatings and retains its sharp cutting points throughout the life of the tool.

No more wasted time or money changing caramelized sandpaper. Re-finishing hardwood floors starts with the Diamabrush Hardwood Prep Tool by Malish.

  • The Diamabrush Wood tool has limited surface area contact during use to retain sharp cutting points over the life of the tool and limit heat generated by substrate. 
  • Traditional sandpaper creates high levels of friction that melt the coating from constant contact with the surface. 
  • Removes polyurethanes, varnishes and even hard to remove coatings such as carpet or tile glue residue left on a previously covered wood floor.
  • Designed to fit easy-to-use rotary sanders versus difficult to use drum (belt) sanders
  • Rigid, exposed diamond cutting surface creates a level floor with normal use. Removes unwanted low spots and gaps between floor boards to save users significant time during later sanding steps.
  • Low-profile design enables the tool to travel seamlessly over heat registers carved out in the floor.