Bona BonaSeal/ClassicSeal

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: WB200018005
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Bona Bonaseal water based hardwood floor sealer should be used as the base coat for Bona Kemi Naturale, Bona Traffic, and Bona Mega finishes (unless you are staining the floor - see instructions).

Bonaseal is a CLEAR wood floor sealer for the first coat so if your project requires no amber toning or change of color then Bonaseal is the right choice.

BonaSeal properly seals the wood to minimize grain raise and provides a valuable build layer. Bonaseal also prevents the top coat of finish from penetrating the wood.

Application Hint: Abrading with a 320 grit conditioning/maroon pad prior to the first coat of finish will reduce grain raise.

Not recommended to use a screen with this product. Only use maroon/conditioning pad.

Coverage : 500 - 600 Sq ft per gallon. Always in stock.