Case-Mate Zebrawood iPhone 5/5S/5C Hard case

Manufacturer: Case Mate
Price: $6.11
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Ingrained style comes naturally with the Woods Collection. Globally sourced, each case begins with a single piece of premium, exotic hardwood that is infused with its own distinctive grain pattern. An aircraft-grade brushed aluminum accent completes the vintage automobile inspired design.

Bona Power Station Plus

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: AM0002417
Price: $730.62
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The Power Station Plus is the safe, inexpensive and convenient way to protect your valuable floor sanding equipment from high or low-voltage power situations. Use it as a power center to centrally connect your installation and floor sanding equipment. Use it to effectively run your floor sanding and vacuuming equipment, and adjust the power for your 230V machines if your power supply drifts from the desired voltage range.

Bona Platinum Drum Roll 12" x 25 Yard - 36 Grit

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: AAS854025140036
Price: $452.08
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 Specifically developed for coarse sanding on the first cut. The optimized blend of ceramic and aluminum oxide provides unprecedented performance in removing urethane finishes. Bona PLATINUM Abrasives are part of Bona's BEST sanding system which provides maximum efficiency with the best sanding results.

Bona Trio Siafast Discs 8" - 150 Grit (50/Box)

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: 1844.67620150
Price: $12.85
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Bona Black 8" x 0 Siafast 150 Grit

Box of 50

The SIAFAST system is the modern, quick-change edger disc system. Discs have a Velcro-like (hook and loop) fastening system. With the Conversion Disc mounted on your edger disc pad, discs press into place and peel to remove in just seconds. Quick-changing discs save time and money. Cooler sanding means less clogging - discs last longer.

  • Quick-changing discs save time and money
  • Easy to use – No more edger wrenches. Change your disc in 5 seconds.
  • Cooler sanding means less clogging – discs last longer 
  • High-quality abrasive for durability and performance 
  • Guaranteed not to slip up to 8,900 RPM (most edgers run at 3,600 RPM) 
  • Fits all 8” edgers