Pall-X Color

Manufacturer: Pallmann
Product ID: 78861
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Pallman Pall-X Color is a waterborne,1-component sealer that is ideal for use where color enhancement of wood floor is desired and on stained floors.

Packaging:               1 U.S.plastic gallon

Color:                         Milky white when  wet, Dries clear, coloring effect on wood species

Odor:                          Low,non- offending

Solids:                        35%

VOCContent:           VOC does not exceed 100 grams per liter

Stability:                    Minimum 12months*

Clarity:                       Clear when dry,has coloring effect on most wood species when  top coated with Pallmann finishes

Coverage Rate:        450-500sq.ft./Gal.

Pot Life:                      Not limited

Leveling:                    Excellent

Defoaming:                Excellent

DryingTime:              1 to 2 hours** (high humidity and/or low temperature conditions will extend dry time)

Application Tools:    T-Bar applicator, brush, cut-in padorroller

StoragWorkinTemp:    Store between 50 and70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-75°F(18-25°C)for best results**


*Under optimal storage conditions

**Under optimal application conditions


  • Fast drying, easy application
  • Good penetration/filling
  • Enhances stain color
  • Can be abraded
  • Tannin Blockers
  • Saves time, ver y forgiving
  • Minimizes risk of sidebonding
  • Allows stain color to increase in vibrancy and depth
  • Reduces time of intercoat  abrading finishes.
  • Eliminates tannin pull in wood species such as White Oak