Pall-X Kitt

Manufacturer: Pallmann
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Pallmann - Pall-X Kitt

Pallmann Pall-X Kitt is a water-based joint filler compound that is mixed with sanding dust and used for joint and trowel filling of wood floors. It is suitable for strip, plank and parquet flooring of all species where color-matching is important and where filler stability and adhesion are vital.

Pall-X Kitt's viscous, paste-like mixture is rated for radiant heat floor systems.


1. Shake Product Well.

2. Pour the Pall-X Kitt into a ‘crater’ of "sanding dust" on the floor to be filled.

3. Using a stainless steel trowel (Item #12506), blend the liquid with the dust to achieve a trowelable paste consistency.

4. Trowel apply to the floor, filling all joints and gaps. NOTE: From time to time it will be necessary to add more Kitt liquid to the mix on the floor to maintain a paste-like consistency. Pall-X Kitt may also be mixed with sanding dust in a bucket prior to       trowel application.
  • Uses "sanding dust" from floor to be filled
  • Ready-to-use, fast drying formula
  • No-clog formula
  • High viscosity
  • Perfect color matching
  • Saves time
  • Will not load or waste abrasives 
  • Holds well in gaps