AirSled Model 2014 Appliance / Refrigerator Moving System

Manufacturer: AirSled
Product ID: 2014
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The AirSled Model 2014 Appliance Moving System allows you to easily and safely move heavy appliances around on a cushion of air without damaging the floor below at all. The AirSled Model 2014 also allows you to move appliances without the help of others. You can move everything by yourself! 

The AirSled Model 2014 includes two 9" x 36" x 1/8" Airsled® aluminum air beams with deflation damper valves and screwed-on inlet flanges, a dual-purpose 12.5 amp, 4 peak horsepower* vacuum/blower power unit, two 20" extension wands, vacuum nozzle, blower nozzle, inflater adapter, crevice tool, three hoses, tee connector, carrying strap, 4 rough surface/carpet adapters, and one pair nylon carrying bags.


System Capacity: 800 lbs. or 970 lbs. With the Addition of Sub-Zero® Adapter or Spacer System (purchased separately)

Easily Moves Heavy Loads - Reduces the push-pull force to 1% of the weight of the load. You can move 1,000 pounds with just 10 pounds of force.

Easy To Use - The system is portable, uses low air pressure and hooks up in seconds. The system is light in weight but rugged in construction. The system is totally contained with the blower connected to hoses then connected to the beams. The blower can be carried on a shoulder by using the included strap. The air beams are only 1/8” thick and can easily slide under most loads. Hook it up, slide it under, then flip the blower switch and Go!

Easy To Maneuver - Although most air film products can not cross cracks, Airsleds can cross over cracks and expansion joints up to 3/4”. The system is also easily moved in and out of confined areas with exceptional precision.

Reduces Cost - Requires less time and manpower. More cost effective than other traditional heavy load lifting and large equipment moving methods.

Prevents Floor Damage - The point load is minimized so there is no scratching or marring to the floor. When used correctly, the load never touches the floor.

Reduces Injury - No heavy lifting or equipment is needed. So, while maneuvering in tight spaces using little force, there is less physical stress and no strain to cause back injury.

Assists The Disabled To Go Back To Work - Recognized by workers' rehabilitation agencies in the United States and Canada.

 Performance Is Guaranteed - We offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee plus a 1-year warranty on all standard systems. 



Performance Is Guaranteed - Airsled offers a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee plus a 1-year warranty on all standard systems.