DuraSeal Waterbased Fast Dry Sanding Sealer

Manufacturer: Sherwin-Williams
Product ID: 80111
Price: $50.61
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DuraSeal Waterbased sanding sealer seals the wood to prevent the finish from penetrating. It is compatible with all DuraSeal waterbased finishes and is also available in 5 gallon pails.

Coverage: 500-600 sq. ft/Gallon

Dry time: 2-3 hours

Application method:

    • Pour a 4"-6" wide line of DuraSeal Waterbased Sanding Sealer directly from the container along the starting wall. Go with the direction of the floor or grain.
    • Pull the sealer with a clean, moistened applicator toward the other wall with an angled, squeegee motion.
    • As you approach the wall, turn applicator and pad out excess material parallel to the wet edge.
    • Feather all turns, stopping and starting points.
    • Allow sealer to dry 3 hours before abrading with a DuraSeal Pre-Treat Pad. After abrading, vaccum thoroughly, tack with a towel lightly dampened with water, and apply your selected DuraSeal waterborne finish per label directions.