Bostik's MVP4 (Moisture Vapor Protection) 5 Gallon Pail

Manufacturer: Bostik
Product ID: G66907
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MVP4 Moisture Vapor Protection is a one-part, trowel  applied, elastomeric, moisture cure urethane membrane designed to be used beneath glue-down installations of engineered ,solid and bamboo hardwood flooring with Bostik’s Best adhesives.
Coverage - 40-45 sq ft/gallon using a Bostik #9 V-Notch Trowel (3/16"wide x 5/32" deep). Substrate must have full membranecoverage; membrane voids may be filled or patched during the wood flooring glue down installation with MVP4Humidity affects cure to a greater degree than temperature; the higher the humidity, the faster the cure. Keep off membrane until material cures; usually 12 to 16 hours. To help protect the cured membrane from scuffing, tears, scratches, dust, dirt, or other jobsite contamination, install hardwood flooring as soon as possible. If the membrane is exposed for more than 14 days, do not install hardwood flooring until you contact Bostik’s Flooring Technical Service Department



A one-part, trowel-applied, elastomeric, moisture-cure urethane membrane designed to:

1. Reduce Moisture Vapor Transmission from the subfloor
2. Create a Noise Reduction Barrier over the substrate, Peace   Noise Reduction
3. Establish an anti-fracture membrane that can bridge subfloor cracks up to 1/8" prior to or after installation