Bona Edge - 7"

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: AM0003196
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Product Description

The Bona Edge state-of-the-art design is engineered for performance, convenience and durability, unequaled power, superb balance and superior dust pick-up. Sanding edges and toe kicks is a hard job, but with the Bona Edge you can make the job easier and faster. With its powerful motor and excellent dust extracting abilities, the Bona Edge is quiet, thanks to the new sound-dampening system. One unique feature of the Edge is the "open-throat" design. The drive belt is located above the sanding disc in a separate enclosure to create unobstructed air flow in the vacuum. This unimpeded airflow results in exceptional dust pick-up. When operated on the DCS Dust Containment System it is virtually dust free, meaning healthier working conditions for you, better finish results, and more satisfaction from your customers.