Bona CombiEdge (Short & Long Nose) - 6"

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: AMK282010
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Versatile edger with interchangable arms provides exellent reach under the deepest toe kicks and
radiaters and can maneuver in tight, hard to reach areas.
Interchangeable long and short arms
Utilizes 6” sanding discs
Excellent illumination from LED light
Lightweight design delivers greater ease-of-use
Easily converts from short to long arm as needed with very few operations
Increases productivity by reaching areas other edgers can’t 
Motor – (single phase) 60Hz, 115 Volt
Machine weight – short arm 17.5 lbs., long arm 18.5 lbs.
Sanding disc size – 6”
Sanding disc speed – long and short arm 3300 rpm
LED lighting
Interchangeable sanding arms
DCS compatible