Bona Traffic Naturale Commercial Matte

Manufacturer: Bona
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Bona Naturale

Bona Naturale waterborne hardwood floor finish is an incredible new matte finish product which preserves the natural grains and tones of hardwood floors. Bona Naturale offers the closest thing to the untreated wood look and feel while matching the most durable finish you can buy. Bona Natural is also GREENGUARAD certified for indoor air quality.

* Bona Naturale comes complete with hardener

Coverage: 350-400 square feet per gallon

Dry Time; 2-3 hours

Pot Like: The finish/hardener mixture must be used within 4 hours after it is mixed. Product properties are diminished after 4 hours. The finish and hardener can only be mixed one time.

Percent Cured After 24 Hours: 70%

Maximum Cure- 100% after 1 week

Superb durability - equal to Bona Traffic hardwood finish

Superb durability - equal to Bona Traffic hardwood finish.

Bona Naturale gives your hardwood floor a very warm and comforting feeling underfoot.

Seamless touch up on repairs. Extremely forgiving product.

Excellent slip resistance classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. slip coefficient of friction >0.7

Bona Naturale is the first hardwood floor finish in the marketplace to be recommended with roller application.

Comes in Commercial Matte - Lowest gloss level of all Bona products. (60 degrees): 4-6

Bona Naturale Hardener - 12.8 oz

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: WH800009086
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If you have ever lost or spilled your catalyst/hardener for a gallon of Bona Naturale, you can purchase this replacement hardener.  One unit of hardener for one (1) gallon of Naturale finish.

Bona Traffic / Traffic HD / Naturale Mix Bottle

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: AX0003042
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This Bona Traffic mix bottle is a very handy tool to mix small quantities for areas like stairs, closets, or small rooms. This Bona Traffic Mix Bottle is re-useable and it has measurement markers to indicate exactly how much finish Part A and Hardener Part B to add to get the amount of finish for 88 square feet, 66 square feet, and 44 square feet. Click on the picture to get a close-up view.