Basic Coatings StreetShoe - Gloss Gallon

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
Product ID: B0680-4312
Price: $91.42
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*StreetShoe has been discontinued. We have 2 gallons left in stock.*

The fastest-curing finish on the market  90% in 24 hours, Street Shoe is the industry benchmark for waterbased hardwood floor finishes.  Available in four sheens (Gloss, Semi Gloss,Satin, and Super Matte).  It is ideal for Residental, Commercial, and Sports Floor settings.  Streetshoe is one of the easiest floor finishes to apply with excellent flow and leveling abilites, and excellent chemical resistance properties.

Comes complete with catalyst.

Coverage : 500 - 700 Square Feet per Gallon
Technical Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet


Color:  Clear

Coverage:  500 - 700 sq. ft./gal

Dry time:  2 - 3 hours

Recoat window:  2 - 24 hours

Pot life:24 hours

Shelf life:  1 year

Light traffic:  24 hours

Full cure:7 days

Rugs:  2 weeks

VOC:  Less than 350 grams/liter

  • Streetshoe offers the fastest cure available; 90% cured in 24 hours.  Get back to using your floor faster!
  • Ultra smooth flow and leveling. Non-foaming and non-streaking formula.
  • Excellent durability.
  • 24-hour pot life.
  • UV inhibitor minimizes wood color change.
  • Streetshoe hardwood floor finish can be re-catalyzed once for use as an initial coat on another job.

Basic Coatings StreetShoe Catalyst - 3 oz

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
Product ID: B0666-1712
Price: $12.85
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Basic Coatings Streetshoe Replacement Catalyst for one gallon of Basic Coatings Streetshoe Wood Floor Finish - 3 oz bottle. If you have lost or spilled your catalyst or if you want to simply recatalyze a gallon of StreetShoe which was previously mixed/catalyzed you can purchase another bottle here.

Basic Coatings StreetShoe Catalyst - 13 oz

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
Product ID: B0666-2212
Price: $44.13
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Basic Coatings StreetShoe Catalyst Replacement for 5-gallon pail or addition to Basic Coatings Emulsion Pro

Basic Coatings Strainer

Manufacturer: Basic Coatings
Product ID: B9108-0112
Price: $2.31
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This Basic Coatings Strainer fits into all Basic products gallons.  It allows for a smooth and consistent pour while spreading product.