Powernail 20 Gage E-Cleats 1 - 1/2 in Power Pack

Powernail 20 Gage E-Cleats 1 - 1/2 in Power Pack

Manufacturer: Powernail
Product ID: 03-15002002E-PP
Price: $286.69
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Power Pack = 15 boxes of 2000

Powernail 20 Gage E-Cleats
are made of a strong but thinner gauge steel.  This design is necessary for the installation of modern engineered flooring to prevent splits and cracks during installation.

Note: Not for use in Powernail Model 2000 nailer.

Powernail Powercleats nails are made from high-quality steel so they do not bend while being driven into hard flooring materials. They are made with a well-formed set of barbs along each nail, providing the ultimate holding power. The design aids in driving them into hard flooring materials, which helps to eliminate split tongues in floorboards.

NOTE: E-Cleats do not fit the Powernail Model 2000 flooring nailer.  E-Cleats fit the Model 200 only.