Bona Mega Clear HD Semi-Gloss

Bona Mega Clear HD Semi-Gloss

Manufacturer: Bona
Product ID: WT200318001
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Bona Mega®  Clear HD™ takes Bona Mega®  to the next level.

The addition of a second component and the elimination of the amber tint combine to increase the physical performance and provide a new look to the Bona Mega® family. These new options allow you to meet various performance and appearance demands at an incredible value.
Crosslinker included

 Application Characteristics:

Clarity – Clear when dry

Leveling– Excellent

Defoaming- Excellent

Drying Time– 2-3 hours

Coverage– 500-600 square feet per gallon

Percent Cured After 24 Hours– 70%

Maximum Cure– 100% after 1 week

THE BONA MEGA CLEAR HD FINISH SYSTEM: Apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Bona Mega Clear HD. Follow label directions. Adding a third coat of Bona Mega Clear HD is recommended in heavy-traffic commercial and residential areas.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATORS: Bona Floor Coater (T-bar), Bona Roller, Bona Cut-In Pad. NOTE: Use a clean applicator for sealer and a separate clean applicator for finish.
1. Shake Bona Mega Clear HD finish (Part A) well for 30 seconds.  
2. Open the crosslinker bottle and add an equal part of water to the crosslinker.  Shake well.  
3. Add crosslinker & water mixture to Bona Mega Clear HD within 15minutes.  
4. Insert supplied filter into bottle only after adding crosslinker.  
5. Shake vigorously and let sit 5-10 minutes
POT LIFE:  The finish/crosslinker mixture is active for 8 hours after it is mixed.  Within 2-3 days, crosslinker may be added one additional time

·         No amber tint – finish will not yellow over time

·         2 component, crosslinked formula

-      Improved chemical resistance over Bona Mega®

-      Increased scuff/scratch resistance over Bona Mega®

·         No limited pot life and no wasted finish

·         Exceptional build and clarity

·         Excellent flow and leveling

·         Available in gloss, semi-gloss or satin

·         GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

·         Fast drying – Approximately 2-3 hours

·         Nonflammable and virtually odorless

·         Water clean-up

  Physical Characteristics:

Ingredients– Water, Polymer(s), Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether.

Color– Milky white (wet)

pH– 7.9

Solids– 30%

Density– 8.75 lbs./gallon (1.05 S.G.)

US Regulatory VOC– 250 g/L

Gloss Level (60°)>85 for gloss, 45-55 for semi-gloss, 25-35 for satin

Odor– Non-offending

Stability– 1 year shelf life in unopened container

Packaging– 1-gallon plastic bottle + 2.5oz plastic bottle