Bona Mega Satin- 1 Gallon

Bona Mega Satin- 1 Gallon

Manufacturer: Bona

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Bona Mega Waterbased Hardwood Floor Finish.

Bona Mega is Bona's premier "single component", oxygen-crosslinking waterborne wood floor finish. Single component means there is no mixing of a catalyst or hardener required. Purchase Bona Mega for use on heavy traffic residential and commercial wood floors. Bona Mega's OCP Oxygen-Crosslinking Polyurethane(OCP) formulation uses the oxygen in the air when the jug is opened as the crosslinker.

When recoating a floor, Bona Mega is an excellent finish to use in the Bona Prep and recoat system. Bona Mega can be applied over any oil-based polyurethane or water-based finish. (Bona Mega is not intended for use in re-coating over most factory pre-finished floors.) See the Bona Prep system spec sheet for more details.

Coverage : 500 - 600 Sq Ft per Gallon. In stock.

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