Wagner Electronics - Moisture Meter L607 Dual Depth Proline

Wagner Electronics - Moisture Meter L607 Dual Depth Proline

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Recommended For:

  • Flooring Installers
  • Anyone Applying Waterborne Finishes
  • Anyone who requires accurate measurements on finely sanded wood products

Materials to Measure:

  • Finely sanded wood

  • Anytime you want 1/2” depth penetration

  • Same materials as other moisture meters, as long as the wood is finely sanded

Specific Applications:

This moisture meter has “the smarts” to measure 1/2” depth penetration or just surface moisture.

This analog moisture meter is specifically designed for those applying waterborne finishes. The meter will measure the MC of the wood before applying the first coat, and then measure the wood after the coat has been applied to monitor the curing process. This moisture meter takes the guesswork out of knowing when to apply the next coat of finish. This analog meter is non-adjustable for specific gravity. However by using the adjustment table included in the handbook, one can determine the MC of any wood measured.

If there is surface moisture, it will read the surface moisture only versus an average to a depth of 1/2”. Check the wood before applying the first coat. After applying a coat of finish, check and continue checking until you get the same reading before applying the next finish. By getting the same reading, you know it's safe to apply the next coat.

This moisture meter is NOT designed for use on rough lumber.