40 GRIT SIAFAST Edger Discs 6 Inch Box of 50

40 GRIT SIAFAST Edger Discs 6 Inch Box of 50

Manufacturer: Bona

Product ID: AAS46850040

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The SIAFAST system is the modern, quick-change edger disc system. Discs have a Velcro-like (hook and loop) fastening system. With the Conversion Disc mounted on your edger disc pad, discs press into place and peel to remove in just seconds. Quick-changing discs save time and money. Cooler sanding means less clogging - discs last longer. Conversion Disc sold below.

1. Clean edger disc pad surface thoroughly and allow to dry. A good grade of mineral spirits works well.
2. Remove backing from Conversion Disc and center exactly on edger pad. Press over entire surface to ensure full contact.
  • If you want to retain your bolt-on/off paper option, remove bolt and washer, cut a 7/8” diameter hole in the center of the Conversion Disc before mountin on edger pad to give you access to your bolt and washer. Replace bolt and washer after Conversion Disc is installed. 
  • On rubber edger pads, cut hole as above in order to bolt Conversion Disc to pad. A little contact cement around the outer edge of the Conversion Disc and pad will also help to secure Conversion Disc.
3. Attach SIAFAST edger sanding disc by pressing into place on Conversion Disc. 

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